Our Canada travel video is online!

Long time no read!

Back in May 2018, Benni (IG: @fratzenkutter, Twitter: @quarkophag) and I travelled to Canada for about a month and you can now see our (very informative!) documentation in video-form on Youtube!

We went on a road trip for about 6500km throughout the western part of the country (British Columbia, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Tofino, Prince Rupert, Hazelton, Alberta, Jasper, Banff, Calgary and many more) and also managed to go to the US (Seattle) for a few days. It was a beautiful and great trip and I’m still amazed by the beauty of Canada and its landscape. We went surfing, on a speed boat tour, took a bath in hot springs, saw some bears of course, enjoyed great food, took a walk through a rainforest, saw mountains, lakes, glaciers and wildlife,  had some really great AirBNBs and hosts in lovely cities and towns and even the weather was great (30°C max). 

If you want to see two very organized German guys on a very weird, but great adventure and you don’t mind some stupid humour I can only recommend to watch the video! 

Would be great if you can share some feedback and thoughts in the comments!

Of course I also took some photos during the trip. Haven’t uploaded them yet to the site, but you can find some already on instagram (@tidephoto_com):






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